Jay Koester

1. When was the first time you touched a computer and what kind of computer was it? 1983, it was a Texas Instruments Ti994A. It had 4k of RAM, a tape backup system, and while I was in Germany (still ’83) I got a 5 1/2 floppy drive for it. It played what I still consider one of the best D&D RPGs. It had a rudimentary.Basic and I wrote a D&D dice rolling program foir it, and crashd the 4k of RAM. That’s when I knew you would never have enough RAM

2. When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it? The same Ti994A(1983)

3. What was the first job that you had which required you to use a computer? Military Personnel in the USAF.

4. When was the first time you got online and how did you? -Was it a BBS, AOL, Netscape etc.? First time online was Prodigy. Hated it, could never get back to something that flashed across the screen.

5. When was the first time that your job required you to have internet access? Getting hired by AOL in Aug 94.

6. What did you not see coming (in the computer/internet industry)? I really didn’t for see terabyte drives….

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Richard Kozlowski

1. I do not know the kind of computer it was, but it was at a U of Illinois (Champaign/Urbana) open house, the monitors were big monsters with smallish black screens and green text and the U of I students had made a Start Trek Ship plotting combat type game. This would have to have been around 1975-ish. They also gave out few Asci Pictures on that large 3-foot-wide computer paper.

2. In 1981 I got a Ti-99/4a computer that I continued to use until I got my first 386 PC. My Dad and I bought it used off another family, and I added in the floppy drive as well but never got a printer. {side note the dungeon crawl for the 99/4a was indeed a lot of fun]

3. My first job that required an actual Computer (as compared to a computerized Cash Register) was with AOL.

4 & 5. My first time online was when I started working with AOL (1996), I didn’t have a modem at home until 6 months into the AOL job.

6. What I did not see coming was how many people would take to tablet pc devices.

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