Dann Niegocki

First computer I saw was an apple Lisa in Jason Switzer’s house, though i remember going to the UA where my dad was programming a computer with punch cards. 

I bought a radio shack color computer with my paper route money. I also picked up a dot matrix printer, color TV and a cassette recorder to save all my projects

As design/printing slowly was eaten up by digital solutions, design and ability moved from specific jobs to a general job and then back to specific jobs. I couldn’t imagine doing what I do with paper, waxing machines, rubylith and screens

I wouldn’t have imagined how quickly devices became small and their speed. An SSD brings life back to the slowest of computers, and there is more computing power in a happy meal toy than my first computer

I would expect that much of what we use smart people for will be replaced, and the last hold out will be creativity. Even that will fall one day, but what will we do with all the people – what do we get to do?

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