Harry Bowen

1. When was the first time you saw/touched a computer and what kind of computer was it?

1978 Spring – Computer Science room in the Learning Resource Center at my High School. 
Don’t recall the model, but it was a cabinet with a teletype w/tape (like watching stocks on ticker tape is what it reminded me of) 

2. When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it?

My Dad bought a TRS-80, Model III, September 1983 – I used it, learning how to code, saving my first ‘spreadsheet’ as well as Graphic to a cassette tape – I tracked on a daily basis my Money Fund Account with Franklin Money Fund, tracking the interest earned and new total daily.

3. How have computers changed your life?

Going from just a closet nerd of a kid, I am still doing computer work today. Starting with AOL in ‘95. 

4. What did you not see coming?

Macintosh – Never heard of it until the semester before starting AOL.

5. What do you expect from future technology?

Expectation is to be fully immersive, with the ability to test and deliver software any time, any where, whether in the office, at home, on vacation, etc – I’m pretty optimistic regarding what the future will hold for my kids/grandkids

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