Joshua Kassel

When was the first time you saw/used a computer and what kind of computer was it?
Saw: Mid 1970s, a punchcard-fed mainframe at UCLA. I was 5 or 6 years old.Used: Late 1970s. It was a TRS-80 with a cassette tape drive.
When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it?
Mac Classic II in the early 90s. It was tricked out with 80mb of disc space and (get this) FOUR mb of RAM, which cost an extra $1500
How have computers and technology changed your life?
Immensely. I went from teaching English to a career in IT by taking a summer job between semesters being a phone monkey at a call center for a new company called America Online in 1995
What did you not see coming?
Crypto currency
What do you expect from future technology?
Tech implants.
Tell me of a time when technology screwed up your day?
December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. I got roped into a 24 hour shift to be on standby in case the Y2K bug caused global chaos.
Tell me of a time when technology saved the day?
Pretty much every day. The way in which computers and the internet have ascended to be a central part of our lives is amazing.
As a kid, we had a library hotline you could call. You’d talk to a person and could ask them a question. If they didn’t know the answer they’d research it and call you back. I call that “Search Engine 1.0”

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