Matthew Austin

When was the first time you saw/used a computer and what kind of computer was it?
Early 1980s, Commodore 64
When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it?
Commodore 64 around 1983.
How have computers and technology changed your life?
As computers and tech evolved I was able to do more in less time Creating and editing documents became much easier and more efficient. With the internet less time was needed to research information from reliable sources, making training and learning easier and more cost effective.
What did you not see coming?
What do you expect from future technology?
More intuitive interfaces, faster access speeds.
Tell me of a time when technology screwed up your day?
In the early days of I forgot to do routine backups I would lose everything because of a BSoD crash. Term papers, homework and research reports had to be created from scratch!
Tell me of a time when technology saved the day?
Keyword searches of electronic documents have allowed me to pull answers to critical questions in minutes when it would have taken hours, if not days,of mind numbing reading of government documents in the hopes of finding the answer.
I came up from the days of card readers and Basic, then seeing the advent of BBSs and modems increasing from 300 to 1200 and up to 56.6k that seemed like lightning fast speeds until the commercial internet evolved. After my Commi I bought an IBM Aptiva, then built a few PCs for fun, discovered Alienware’s cool designs (pre-Dell) and eventually custom ordered a PC from an online company. Changes are faster than I can keep up with now!

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