Mike Kenner

1. When was the first time you touched a computer and what kind of computer.

The first time I actually touched a computer was in the 6th grade I would Spend the Summers hanging out with a Couple of friends and spent lots of time on a either Commadore 64 or a IBM depending on the friend. My Folks bought a IBM 8888 and I remember my Dad being so mad that he had spend time entering stuff in order for it to help him with his business. I guess my first job was data entry for my folks.

I had more exposure in Middle School to Apple IIe’s Never really liked them and was never really a fan of Apple (Sorry Greg)

2. When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it?

The first computer I bought was a Parkard Bell 286 with windows 3.1 and a I can’t remember the amount of RAM. I think it cost me $1100 at Montgomery Wards in Tucson. It was all the Money I had made during the summer of my First “Real” Job.

3. What was the first job that you had which required you to use a computer? McDonalds (If you count the PAR system of point of Sale registers) I had to run reports program register keys and such. Boy did that suck. Almost turn me off of Computers for good.

4. When was the first time you got online and how did you? -Was it a BBS, AOL, Netscape etc.?

BBS’s Mainly Spitfire BBS’s because that had the mail packet system that would allow me to send email to friends of the Telenet (Not to be confused with telnet) network. I also got hooked on playing Trade wars and Tradewars 2002 I believe that was its name. I remember being an Assist SySop for a friend who was running a Commadore BBS at the time.

5. When was the first time that your job required you to have internet access?

I guess you Could say that AOL was the first Job that required the internet though at the time that I started there AOL hadn’t released a web browser yet. Everything you saw on AOL was content that you could only see on AOL (Keyword: MTV for example) The Web going mainstream was about 18 months later. Even though you could us FTP in a rudimentary form it wasn’t like anything we call the internet today.

6. What did you not see coming (in the computer/internet
1) Just the speed that the internet overtaking television, radio and the print Media and the primary source of information. Print Media had a Head start of few hundred years. , Radio about a hundred, Television about 60 years only to eclipsed by the internet in what 25 years. Think about it how many times in the last month have you been in need of information that you just had to “Google It” to find it.

2) Another thing that didn’t see coming was to the depth the impact the Internet on everyday life. I though it would take longer than it has.

3) Just how quickly AOL had become ancient history, or a Footnote in history. Honestly I didn’t think it would disappear from the digital landscape as quickly as it did.

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