Millie Campbell

1. When was the first time you touched a computer and what kind of computer was it? 1975 ICL-1501 (I think) in a High School classroom.

2. When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it? 1999 I got it from Greg Hancock. It was an Apple. Greg, you know what kind Rosie was.

3. What was the first job that you had which required you to use a computer? 1982 I traced military baggage that was lost coming back from overseas.

4. When was the first time you got online and how did you? -Was it a BBS, AOL, Netscape etc.? 1999 AOL

5. ¬†When was the first time that your job required you to have internet access? 2010 I worked for a major Bank’s Home Mortgage CS.

6. What did you not see coming (in the computer/internet industry)? I did not see phones coming with internet.

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