Richard Kozlowski

1. I do not know the kind of computer it was, but it was at a U of Illinois (Champaign/Urbana) open house, the monitors were big monsters with smallish black screens and green text and the U of I students had made a Start Trek Ship plotting combat type game. This would have to have been around 1975-ish. They also gave out few Asci Pictures on that large 3-foot-wide computer paper.

2. In 1981 I got a Ti-99/4a computer that I continued to use until I got my first 386 PC. My Dad and I bought it used off another family, and I added in the floppy drive as well but never got a printer. {side note the dungeon crawl for the 99/4a was indeed a lot of fun]

3. My first job that required an actual Computer (as compared to a computerized Cash Register) was with AOL.

4 & 5. My first time online was when I started working with AOL (1996), I didn’t have a modem at home until 6 months into the AOL job.

6. What I did not see coming was how many people would take to tablet pc devices.

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