Theresa Corcoran

1. 5th grade math lab in , hmm, 1975. It was a huge thing that printed on to the horrible green and white striped paper. You had to take the printout and turn it in. I remember it vividly because I quickly worked through all the math exercises and got stuck doing states and capitols quizzes for weeks!

2. My first PC was a tape driven Vic20 that you plugged into a tv. Somewhere around 1980.

3. My first job with a computer was as an admin assistant at at labor union. I remember using 20 discs or something to load WordPerfect. 1988ish.

4. First time online. Prodigy. 624B66. Late 80s, early 90s. Quickly moved on to BBS, and then this new thing called AOL. Genie was in there simewhere, too!

5. I was responsible for getting the labor union online with AOL, so they could have an email address! 1993-94.

6. Not sure. I think maybe the live. Real time worldwide information feeds, or perhaps the obsession with cute puppy videos! Honestly, it is knowing that my 14 year old daughter has never known life without technology. Her first words were, “You’ve got mail!”

Come on, I know you saw that coming!

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