Trevor Hedden

1. The first computer I can remember with any certainty was a TRS-80 that a friend had. Before that I remember accompanying my dad down to the local university computer lab so he could submit his computer punchcards to the university computer person to print his thesis paper (or something along those lines). I remember the punchcards more than the computer though, for why I cite the TRS-80.

2. 1980 roughly. Dad got the family an Apple ][ Plus for Christmas – including a dot matrix printer, stylus and mouse. We used an old TV for a monitor until getting an Apple monitor /// later.

3. Computers have been my source of employment, a tool to use at many of my jobs as well as a source of recreation and communication. Computers have also allowed me to learn more about any topic one might think of: Old Time Radio, quantum physics, “hobo nickels”, medical conditions, Ramune, foreign TV shows and endless other topics.

4. The domination of “the instant” versus waiting. The weather forecast going from newspaper to phone information to smartphone app… Shopping going from driving to a different town to find an obscure item of interest to purchase to a few mouse clicks on Amazon… Getting your photographs developed at a Next Day shop to a drive-through One Hour Photo booth to digital cameras… Even commercials have gone from 90 seconds to 30, to 15, etc and they still feel long and obtrusive.

5. At this point, I want a good AR and VR device that exceeds my expectations.

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