Chris Deaton

1. When was the first time you touched a computer and what kind of computer was it?

1980, not sure but it was likely the TI-99/4A or a POS system for a restaurant.

2. When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it?

TI-99/4a in 1982. I made a cassette backed up database of all the girls phone numbers in my school.

3. What was the first job that you had which required you to use a computer?

I will come back…let me think. Its probably AOL though.

4. When was the first time you got online and how did you? -Was it a BBS, AOL, Netscape etc.?

College BBS access and then AOL soon thereafter. My AOL account is dated 1986.

5. When was the first time that your job required you to have internet access?

As a job requirement? 1996 and AOL.

6. What did you not see coming (in the computer/internet industry)?

That I would really give up all forms of physical media. It is a special occasion if I buy a hard copy of anything media related – books, movies, comics, music.

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