Sean Austin

When was the first time you saw/used a computer and what kind of computer was it?
1980 Commodore 64
When was the first time you actually owned a computer and where/how did you get it?
Same Commodore 64, I was fortunate enough that my father understood how important computers would be and bought it for me when we moved back to the US.
How have computers and technology changed your life?
My first experience online was an old BBS, dial up at 300 Baud. I met a Sysop and became a Co-Sysop of the board. This lead to hacking games and dialing various locations around the world. Because of my love of computers, I got a job at AOL, getting away from a dead end cooking job and moving me into my current career path 🙂
What did you not see coming?
How fast memory would expand. I remember my first 10 Meg drive and 1 Gig of Ram computer. I always assumed graphics would get better, but not memory..
What do you expect from future technology?
VR 100%. I see tech moving away from multiple platforms (Phones, tablets, desktops) to a wearable platform. Ease of use that you have 100% of the time.
Tell me of a time when technology screwed up your day?
Stolen phone. You don’t realize how much you rely on technology until its gone. Many years ago, during the flip phone era, I had my phone stolen on a trolley in San Fran. Ready to met up with friends in a “Foreign” city, I was at a complete loss… didn’t know their numbers, where I was..ect.
Tell me of a time when technology saved the day?
To many times to think of one instance!! It’s DAILY 🙂
Love this blog 🙂

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